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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Simple and Yummy breakfast

Okay so I'm done moping around for my SLR camera. Iphone cam will have to do.

I have some special guests this weekend so I'm trying to be more on my A Game.

Here is a simple breakfast I made 

The first dish at the top is eggplant lasagne, I'll do a detailed recipe post on that another time!

Here's some caprese salad

And eggs with avocado 

That's it.  A simple yummy brekky!

Thursday, 13 February 2014

100,000 hits! And Rod Dee

100,000 hits were crossed this month!!!!! Thank you Fooooodiesssssssss!!! Please don't forget to support my music, which in turn will support my huge appetite for world cuisine!!

In the midst if a busy week, here's a quick post! I'm sooo happy, promise to keep posting more this year!!


So I went to Rod Dee at last!!

My big mistake was ordering the same thing I do at Pad Thai cafe and guess what, although better presented, it tasted exactly the same!!! The long trek in the snow (I lie, my friend picked me up) was for kinda same.

It was good nevertheless. But I should have ordered the pad Thai, it looked amazing.

Recipe: Fried goat cheese balls with caramelised onions

I first had this dish in a restaurant in NYC , and I was in love! The restaurant is rather high end, so frequenting it wasn't an option so the next time I craved it I had to make it.

So in the spirit of valentines day and the fact that school closed early due to the snowstorm I treated myself to this yummy appetizer (originally had it as tapas)

(This is me thinking about the goat cheese balls while getting home) 

Ingredients (makes 8 balls)

Goat cheese (soft ish)
Red onion half
Brown sugar
Eggs (2)
Bread crumbs 


1. Roll goat cheese into one inch balls and put on wax paper and in the fridge while you prepare the other things.

2. While that's in the fridge, mix two eggs with 3/4th cup of flour in one bowl and lay out bread crumbs in another.

3. In medium heat fry the onions (thinly sliced) in canola oil for ten minutes.
Add brown sugar and keep on low heat for the duration of the rest of the cooking.

4. Take the cheese out of the fridge and cover in the flour batter and cover in bread crumbs. Repeat that step: cover in batter and again in bread crumbs. 

5. Heat the oil in a sauce pan on high heat and fry the cheese balls for 3/4 minutes. Remove and soak in paper towels to rid excess oil. Sprinkle some salt over them.

6. Add a bit of honey or syrup over onions and serve with the cheese balls.

Tip: mash the goat cheese first and then make circles with the palm of your hands to get the round shape. repeat again once covered in breadcrumbs. 

Ey Voila! It's not that hard! 

Okay peeps. Don't forget to check my music too: www.bandcamp.com/armeenmusa 

Love and happiness 

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Foodpanda comes to Bangladesh

One of the terrors of evening traffic is that frequently I have give up my thoughts on eating out. Finally I was relieved to find out that a good delivery service was available in Dhaka .

This is a review of Food Panda, an international delivery chain that just opened their services in Dhaka.


So you enter your neighborhood and what kind of cuisine you want and Voila! You get a list of restaurants where they will order, pick up and deliver to your doorstep!

(they also have an app for iphone etc)

So here goes, we ordered a lunch of subs from their site.  I was pretty impressed with their restaurant collection, pretty much all my favourite places including Cilantro, Steakhouse, Sub Factory!! Pretty much all cuisines including Bangladeshi and carts and small shops like the Cart Company and PapaRoti!!

You can pick the items you want online and place your order.

We ordered Sub Factory, the food arrived in 30 minutes, was packaged nicely and was warm and fresh!

Our service was perfect! The delivery guy was in awe of one of my star friends, and we thanked him with an autograph. Hehe. Definitely going to use this service again !!

As an added bonus, I use this site to check out menus of various restaurants. YAY for home delivery in Dhaka!

Till the next time...

Here is a new song from me :D