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Friday, 27 March 2015

Bhoomi - Kathmandu

Since I am a foodie, I am always searching for good eats. This also means I suffer from a lot of bad meals, mainly abroad when I am not familiar with the people in town.

This happened to me on my last Nepal trip. I was desperately searching for a good mutton curry, but Nagarkot had no mutton available, later in Kathmandu went to Bhoomi for the same reason. But was kind of disappointed.

But that doesn't mean I didnt take some nice photos. Hehe

The inside was SUPER dark- like almost night, but outside it was beautiful! 

So we started with this Nepali pizza kind of food, its this bread with stuff on it.

It sucked. But was pretty to photograph :P

Next we tried our luck with the thali. Yes It looks gorgeous but in reality was not very yummy.

To be honest I could not really anything at this place- but I liked the outdoor restaurant as well as the food decor.

All in all I give the food 1 star. 

Okay Hello, this is me in the cold :D

On a positive note: here is Song of the day: Yeh Jo Des - covered by us The Berklee Indian Ensemble

Our follow up to the Jiya Jale video- this one features AR Rahman himself. This song, being about India and all- still would remind me of my Desh and was essential to my decision moving back to Bangladesh. I love you songs and music, you always guide me.

Thursday, 26 March 2015

#Happyandhealthy - quinoa salad

Hey guys! As you know ive started my new #happyandhealthy section on my facebook page- with some daily tips and struggles. But I'm hoping to bring that more to my blog with some healthy recipes.

This is going to targeted towards those of us trying to eat healthy in Bangladesh, so will make try to use some local products as soon as I've figured out recipes!

I try to have a salad lunch 2-3 times a week, I feel refreshed and light. But sometimes what happens is that I get super hungry very quickly. Thus recipe:

ingredients :

Lettuce 2cups
Chick peas 1/2 cup
Cheddar 150 gms
Cherry tomatoes 1/2 cup
Quinoa 1/3 cups

And for the dressing-
Extra virgin olive oil 1tbsp
Balsamic vinegar 1tbsp

I cut the cheddar into cubes and tomatoes in half and tossed everything together. (I had some left over quinoa that's kind of why)

Super duper Yum!

To find these ingredients : you can try any large superstore- but specifically Dhali for quinoa.

Song of the day!!
I had the honour of singing at a collaboration with Clinton Cerejo at Berklee <3 br="">Check it out- this is my most favourite song by him 

Nepali Thali at its best- Thakali Kitchen (Jackson Heights- NYC)

I've been to Nepal three times in my life. My top Nepalese meal was at our hosts' house when I went in the 90's. I was really young but I remember I could not get enough!

But the 2nd best Nepalese meal I've had was in New York City. Seriously. As a grown up I've been to Nepal too but have not had the best experience food-wise. For NYC visitors and residents- THIS IS A MUST.

Mustang Thakali Kitchen
74-14 37th Ave, Jackson Heights, NY 11372, United States
(718) 898-5088
One of my best friends is Nepali- the gorgeous Puja Pandey and she was raving about this place when I went to say my goodbyes. (Oh man, I'm tearing up as I say this.)

Puja and Rousseau are my family, and it was very emotional for me to say bye to NYC before my move to Dhaka, so much so that I ended up missing my bus and staying an extra day- just like I used to during our big party weekends. Thanksgivings, gigs, formation of our company ( - heartbreaks- falling in love - S D and Rock n Roll- New York City has given me all it's angles leaving me wanting more and more. Boston is my true love, but NYC is my feisty affair that keeps me coming back.

Anyway- after years of knowing Pandey and asking her to feed me Nepali curries, we went to this BRILLIANT restaurant. (this is going on my NYC top 10 list- that I will eventually make someday I promise! ) Without any patronizing but with a lot of love, I really love Nepal and its' people. More and more I am trying to let go of my "despite our different countries" "even though we are from blah and blah" that makes me applaud myself or others for having normal warm interactions with people. But they do exists and my interactions with Puja has made it easier to realize how futile these boundaries are. On top of that we truly do have a lot in common, our love for bhaat daal, our similar dialects- and also our differences in culture, religion and mannerism.

I have really enjoyed momos- in fact in Boston my friends Shumi, Vivek and I have driven out of Boston to satisfy my momo cravings one day- but I was in for a treat at Thakali!

Those of you who know me know this- Curry and Rice and I AM SORTED. And this was just super.

We ordered two Thalia for the 3 of us. This was the fish thali. Both came with assorted vegetables, very similar to Bengali Bhai. Major difference is their daal. What I liked about this restaurant is their choice of chinese greens in the thi mix. 

But what stood out for me was their shutki bhorta version- a tiny little taste of this new flavour in my palette. I was going wild, I love new yummy explorations!

And last but not least my favourite Nepali dish- Mutton Curry! They have this lovely way of preparing, not overlooking it like Bengali rezala- slight smell of the meat remaining ( I realise everyone doesn't love that) and lots of gravy (oh jhol why do I love you so?) 

I almost didn't let Rousseau and Puka have any hehehe. Yes New Yorkers if you haven't had this- go TODAY. Everyone else - put it on your Nyc list!

Okay lovers- here is my song of the day- a beautiful one by the ever so talented friend of mine Joyita- a completion of Shonar Bangla ❤️

Saturday, 24 January 2015

500,000 hits and Luna Cafe

OH MY GOSH. You foodies have blown up  my views to 500,000! I came to post the first post of 2015 to thi surprise. Thank you thank you thank you. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoy posting. Before I forget please don't forget to support my music by purchasing here :

Anyway- Here is a post from the end of summer in 2014. I have moved to Dhaka and not a day goes by that I dont miss my home in Boston. Yes! I am in a very different kind of bliss here, surrounded by family and attention and love. But I miss my wandering freedoms, my solitude and Oh I miss the Foooood! Yes I know , I left Boston, because they did not have Bangladeshi food (or reasons as such) but after 2 months of eating it everyday, a small part of me misses the variety and the quality of Boston eats!

To cross of my to-do list I went to Cafe Luna to have the lobster eggs benedict. To work up an appetite I biked to Harvard and then to Central Square in Cambridge.


It was right before the Rowing Festival weekend, the last summer day in fact!


Lucky for me the Hubway stop is literally outside the little square of shops where Luna is located. Oh man even writing this - I can't believe I wont be able to take a 5 minute bike ride whenever I want :(

Oh well I was lucky to have it when I did. Anyway, back to the brunch- I ordered the lobster eggs benedict- its was $18 and the most expensive thing on the menu- but it was what I had come to eat.

While I waited with a drink at the bar (which I didnt drink because it was not yummy) (I sat there- tables were crowded) I took in the vibe of the little place, slight dark vibe with the blaring sun outside. The bartender and I talked some about our blogs, I actually gave her this page address, so HI to you! (if you ever read it!)

She did some pretty nice coffee art and we chatted for a bit. I rarely talk to people on my alone time meals- but this was nice <3 br="">

And then it came: The masterpiece I was waiting for. I even got some extra hollandaise sauce :P :P (what a cheek I am becoming!)

It was a beauty to look at. c'est nais pas?

I love the little fruit bowl that I took away with me in a plastic cup (Man, I'm such a demanding customer!) 

Okay I'll admit, the more I ate it, the more I realised that my interest towards brunch food is not very high. The food was good no doubt, hollandaise perfect, crab fresh, but Brunch really not my thing- unelss its at FLOUR. (my favourite Boston Restaurant)

But I loved the vibe of the place, hell I love every place in Boston. I miss you my home.

Leaving you with a photo of looking out a wonderful band I've stumbled upon